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Sep 21 2021

Chevy Warns: Park Our EVs 50 Feet From Nearest Vehicle

A major objective of the $3.5 trillion spending blowout that is bearing down on the economy like a semi with no brakes is to bribe people with other people’s money to buy economically inefficient, environmentally destructive electric cars. Not all of the hazards involved pertain to the economy or the environment.


Electric car tax credits are on the road to receiving a $4,500 boost for those eligible to claim them. Thanks to a proposed bill moving through Congress, part of a $3.5 trillion budget blueprint Democrats passed, you may soon be eligible for $12,500 back on your taxes when buying an EV.

Confirming that this is about hardball Democrat politics, not the environment, electric moonbatmobiles don’t qualify unless they were built with union labor.

In other electric vehicle news, via

Chevrolet asks Bolt EV owners to practice the automotive equivalent of social distancing over concerns that their vehicles could catch fire. The automaker sent a notice to Bolt EV electric cars owners to tell them that they should plan to park at least 50 feet away from other vehicles and avoid parking garages or other structures until dealers can replace their battery modules.

While they are flinging money around, Democrats ought to promise replacement homes for houses burned down by spontaneously igniting electric cars. In the meantime, GM recommends against parking a Bolt in your garage.

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