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Aug 27 2021

Recall on All Chevy Bolts; Cost, $2 Billion

Prominent among the frivolous extravagances Democrats want to bankrupt us to buy are charging stations for electric cars. According to their dogma, by driving electric cars, we can prevent the climate from fluctuating the way it always has and always will. Green energy boondoggles cannot generate more than an insignificant fraction of the electricity required to charge all cars. This fact is ignored. Also ignored is that in addition to being economically foolhardy, electric cars sometimes burst into flames. That’s why Chevrolet has issued yet another recall:

[T]his time Chevrolet has issued a recall of every single Bolt and Bolt EUV.

The lithium-ion batteries necessitated the recall. Parent company General Motors will replace them as customers bring in Bolts for repair.

In the meantime, Chevrolet is asking users to be a lot more careful with charging. Like the second recall from last month, Bolt owners are being warned to park their cars outside after charging, and not to leave them charging indoors overnight.

Too bad so many electric car drivers live in urban areas, where thanks to liberal rule and the corresponding lack of law of order it is unsafe to leave your car outdoors overnight. But better your car should be stolen or stripped than that it burn your house down, because that might result in carbon emissions. EV battery fires are not easy to put out.

GM is taking a $2 billion hit. No worries; Government Motors can always count on not only lucrative subsidies but also federal bailouts whenever required, because the company has a seat at the table and is Too Big Too Fail.

In any case, $2 billion is peanuts compared to the $85 billion Democrats want to waste on unneeded but politically correct electric car charging stations.

Taxes cannot keep pace with government spending, so the money to pay for it will come out of your savings through inflation.

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