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May 22 2023

Child-Corrupting Target and Its Satanic Supplier

The liberal establishment has been pushing transgenderism hard, specifically at children. The most aggressively leftist name in retail is at forefront:

Retail giant Target rolled out an “LGBT Pride” collection that includes so-called “tuck-friendly” wear and rainbow-colored onesies for infants and children — stoking conservative outrage that echoes the Bud Light fiasco.

Although thoroughly deserving a permanent boycott, Anheuser-Busch is merely irritating. Target is worse:

Target’s line of trans options, promoted on its website ahead of next month’s Pride Month, sparked even more fury because it targets kids.

The items include bathing suits with “tuck-friendly construction” and “extra crotch coverage.”

What kind of sick freaks would produce these products? If you suspected there is something satanic about the transsexual agenda, you were correct:

Scarlett Johnson, an activist from Wisconsin, went viral on Twitter this weekend with a thread explaining why she is “done” with the retailer. In particular, Johnson took issue with Target listing three items on its online store from Abprallen, a London-based designer of products that sometimes mix imagery and messages about gender with the macabre.

Although Target is not yet explicitly pitching Devil worship to children,

Johnson highlighted other products for sale that are shown on the Abprallen website and associated Instagram account with about 25,000 followers. Among them is a skeleton draped in rainbow colors, a “Trans Witches For Abortion” badge, and a “Satan respects pronouns” T-shirt. …

The product page for the “Satan respects pronouns” shirt talks about how LGBT+ people are “so often referred to as being a product of Satan or going against God’s will” while making the case that the Church of Satan and The Satanic Temple are more accepting of the gay community.

Moonbattery is like drug addiction. Those who succumb to it always have to push the envelope a little further to get the same rush. Expect Target to go full satanist next Pride Month if not sooner if they do not encounter sufficient pushback.

We can’t boycott every rotten corporation, because the entire liberal establishment is evil to the core. But companies that go out of their way to rub it in our faces are to be avoided when there are alternatives.

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