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Apr 16 2023

How Much Bud Light Deserves to Be Boycotted

The boycott of Bud Light may seem trivial to some, but to countermoonbats it is crucial. Matt Walsh laid out the strategy:

Actually, it does matter which target. Bud Light is ideal because Anheuser-Busch obnoxiously rammed moonbattery down its customers’ throats out of explicit contempt for those very customers, and because the brand depends heavily on sales to regular guys, the demographic woke corporations most vehemently hate.

We don’t have to let AB InBev spit in our faces. We can punch back so that it hurts. But only if we follow through by maintaining the boycott indefinitely.

Donald Trump Jr. has issued an unhelpful statement claiming that grinding Dylan Mulvaney in our face is out of character for Budweiser:

Don Jr. is misinformed — to put it mildly:

When Pride parades and other LGBT events started to gain steam in the 1990s, “Bud Light was the brand,” a 35-year veteran of Anheuser-Busch told National Review.

Bud Light has been the brand to bend over backward for all things LGBT ever since.

In the mid 1990s, he said, Bud Light hired an “alternative lifestyle” brand manager.

“Alternative” specifically means LGBT. The position was maintained for decades.

In 1993, a Bud Light TV commercial titled “Ladies Night” featured four men dressed in drag visiting a bar and ordering the beer. Two years later, Bud Light launched a campaign promoting acceptance of the LGBT community that stated, “Labels belong on beer not on people.” Bud Light teamed up with GLAAD, an organization fighting gay, lesbian, and transgender defamation in 1998. Their relationship is still going strong today.

GLAAD is a militant homosexual activist group infamous for targeting children.

“Bud Light has long been a staunch supporter of the LGBT community,” Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD president and CEO, said in 2016 after Bud Light debuted an ad including a same-sex wedding. “This spot is the latest in a long line of inclusive advertising that will help increase understanding and accelerate LGBT acceptance. GLAAD has been honored to partner with Bud Light for 18 years.”

Money spent on Bud Light has actually funded GLAAD’s sick activities.

In 2019, Bud Light unveiled a GLAAD-crossover rainbow aluminum bottle to celebrate World Pride. Bud Light pledged to donate $1 to the nonprofit for every case sold in June, which is Pride Month.

You don’t get gayer than Bud Light, even if it isn’t gays who drink it.

Speaking of targeting kids, the parent company used the nonalcoholic malt energy drink Pony Malta to promote homosexuality to children in South America.

The company has also provided legal and financial support to encourage employees to change their names to signify they are transgender.

Anheuser-Busch finally broke social media silence and was ratioed deservedly. CEO Brendan Whitworth (presumably no relation to foiled transsexual mass murderer William Whitworth) has belatedly issued a buzzword-choked non-apology that alienates everyone by trying not to alienate anyone. It is too late to pretend they are neutral in the culture war.

No one deserves boycotting more than Bud Light and its parent company. Make sure to hit AB InBev’s other brands too and do not let up ever.

Mark Dice responds to Don Jr.

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