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Feb 10 2024

Children’s Play Center Turned Over to Adult Babies

Leftism entails infantilization, so no one should be surprised that as society succumbs to moonbattery, paraphilic infantilism is rising toward prominence, from southern New Hampshire to Lancing, England:

Wild Wonderland is a play centre for children aged zero to 12 years old, but on December 2 it was hired for an event advertised on a fetish website.

“A space themed soft play exclusively open to all age players. SoLittles, Middles, Carers, Mummies, Daddies, Siblings, Furries, Kittens, Puppies, their handlers and wet only ABDL,” the advert on Fetlife read.

FetLife is social media explicitly for perverts. ABDL = “adult baby/diaper lover.”

The over-25s event offered a “nappy change room”, baby food and “a lovely story time” with milk and biscuits, but organisers reminded attendees to bring their own nappies and wipes.

Gasped one disgusted mother,

“How many bodily fluids are going to be on the things in there? That’s an awful thing to have to ask myself.”

No worries:

Organisers stated they operated a strict “no wet accidents” rule and banned nudity, sexual acts, BDSM/fetish clothes and faeces.

This time, anyway.

Barks a spokesman for Wild Wonderland,

“Who are we to judge and discriminate?”

Judgment and discrimination are wrong, unless directed against those disfavored by the liberal establishment. Soon disapproval of defecating in diapers for the purpose of sexual gratification will be classified as hate speech.

The spokesman continues:

“The staff who worked felt happy they had given a non-judgemental safe space to people to be who they want to be.”

Down the slippery slope we slide, ever deeper into the depravity and decay that we are told to regard as progress.

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