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Dec 10 2023

Christmas in a Country on Its Way to Hell

In Joe Biden’s America, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas — Christmas just outside hell:

Via Breitbart:

The Satanic Temple set up a holiday homage to the occult “deity” Baphomet in the Iowa Statehouse…

The display, which features “a ram’s head covered with mirrors on a mannequin cloaked in red clothing,” will be on display at the Capitol for 14 days.

The campaign is nationwide:

In November, the Satanic Temple of Wisconsin put up a Christmas tree covered in pentagrams at the National Railroad Museum’s Christmas tree festival.

In December 2021, the Illinois Capitol rotunda featured an installation of the Satanic Temple’s “deity” Baphomet, which was laid like a baby in a manger.

Galatians 6:7 comes to mind:

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

So does this warning from a Founding Father:

I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever. - Thomas Jefferson

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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One Response to “Christmas in a Country on Its Way to Hell”

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