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Dec 22 2023

Satanic Christmas Display at Michigan Capitol

Michael Cassidy destroyed the Satanic yuletide display at the state capitol in Iowa. But given the gale force cultural winds they have at their backs, Satanists were not about to stop there:

The Satanic Temple (TST) unveiled a new display at the Michigan State Capitol Monday, just days after its statue in Iowa was torn down, according to a post on X.

TST’s display of Baphomet in the Iowa State Capitol building was destroyed after a Christian veteran beheaded the statue, claiming that he would not stand by as Christians continue to “submissively accept the legitimization of Satan.”

The X post:

If they would let Gretchen Whitmer be Governor, why not put Satanists in charge of the Christmas decorations?

Satanists have also put their stamp on Christmas decor in Wisconsin and Illinois.

Note this is not in depraved cesspools of degeneracy like New York and the Left Coast, but in the Midwest heartland. The rot is deep.

Meanwhile, those who put up legitimate Christmas decorations risk the wrath of liberal authorities.

On tips from Htos1av and Chris Neilson.


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