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Nov 18 2020

Climate Hustle 2

Authoritarians have gotten a lot of mileage from the ChiCom virus, but unfortunately for them, it won’t last forever, no matter how flat they get the curve. Soon the crisis of the day will be global warming again. Although less real than COVID, it is a more effective pretext for tyranny due to the years of indoctrination and suppression of dissent that have been invested into it.

Marc Morano of continues to expose the phoniness with Climate Hustle 2:

Demented coronavirus restrictions have been no more than a toe in the water to see what we will tolerate. The real tyranny that reduces us to impoverished slaves will be inflicted in the name of global warming.

Here’s a trailer for Climate Hustle 2:

The globalist ruling class isn’t stupid. They don’t think they can control the climate. They do think they can control you.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.


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