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Jan 21 2022

Clinging to a Dying Pandemic

Despite panic and hype from the governmedia, Omicron is mild and largely unavoidable, spreading natural immunity wide and far. This puts the Covid pandemic on a respirator, kept alive for political purposes. Already, Britain is letting it die. Some don’t want to admit it, but the grift is over:

Like Airstrip One’s Dr Hilary, the People’s Republic of New York is holding out to the bitter end. Governor Kathy Hochul seized on Omicron to declare a state of emergency. Even now, she won’t let up on harmful mask mandates for children, who were barely affected even by the more serious variants. After all, children can be made to get used to anything:

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2 Responses to “Clinging to a Dying Pandemic”

  1. […] It’s over, all right, and not only in Britain. France and Ireland are set to follow the UK in easing Covid restrictions. In the USA, the CDC — an arm of the federal government that not long ago allowed teacher’s unions to dictate Covid policy via the Biden Administration — admits in a new report that during the Delta wave, natural immunity was six times stronger than vaccination: […]

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