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Apr 14 2022

CNN Spins Black Supremacist Frank James as Anti-Black

Frank James delivered a blow to the liberal narrative by shooting 10 people and injuring 19 others on a rush hour NYC subway on Tuesday.

James is a black supremacist who endorses Black Lives Matter and has been shouting on social media for years about his desire to kill white people. He proclaimed that cop-killing career criminal Lashawn McNeil was justified, being the victim of a racist society. He celebrates sociopathic black supremacists like Angela Davis, Malcolm X, and Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad.

Not even Critical Race Theory adherent Ketanji Brown Jackson is enough of a black supremacist to suit James:

James yells that “blacks and whites should not even be in the same hemisphere” and pleads, “O black Jesus, please kill all the whiteys.”

The mainstream media will disappear this bombshell story as quickly as it forgot about Darrell Brooks, the black supremacist arrested for driving an SUV through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, running over children and grandparents, killing six and injuring over 60, apparently for the crime of being white. But in the immediate aftermath, they have to acknowledge it.

Here is how they are reporting it at CNN:

Many of the videos that James uploaded to a YouTube channel included references to violence, including at a set group of people he believed had maligned him, in addition to broad societal and racial groups that he appeared to hate. …

After talking about community violence, James says, “We need to see more mass shootings. Yeah. … We need to see more, there has to be more mass shootings to make a n***er understand. … It’s not about the shooter; it’s about the environment in which he is, he has to exist.”

That speech was a common theme throughout James’ videos, in which he repeatedly espoused hatred toward African Americans.

CNN’s evidence that this avowed black supremacist doesn’t like blacks consists of his use of the n-word, which is not pejorative when used by blacks, as listening to any random 5 seconds of rap will confirm.

Blacks appear to be the only group James does not hate. In tune with the times, he aims most of his animosity at whites. CNN makes no mention of this, despite it being the most conspicuous feature of James’s mentality.

This is because CNN, like the rest of the liberal media, shares James’s Cultural Marxist ideology and does not want the public to dwell on its inevitable consequences.

Too bad the media, the education establishment, the corporations that have shoveled money at Black Lives Matter, professional sports with its obsequious kneeling, the Biden Administration that aggressively promotes Critical Race Theory, and every other institution rotted through with moonbattery can’t be charged for abetting James.

Pumping Critical Race Theory into the public bloodstream was bound to result in violence, even beyond the hundreds of Black Lives Matter riots that we were told to regard as “mostly peaceful protests.” There will be more.

As always, Paul Joseph Watson provides better coverage than the media establishment:

On a tip from KirklesWorth.


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