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Apr 19 2021

Communist China: Friend or Foe?

Orwell observed that we have “sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.” The same goes for intelligent women like Nikki Haley, who reminds us that China is America’s most formidable external threat:

It was said that engagement with the ChiComs would cause them to discard their wicked ways. The opposite has happened. As China becomes ever more repressive and expansionary, the USA shrinks and threatens to succumb to left-wing authoritarianism.

Biden, over whom the ChiComs have leverage, has been hysterically rattling a sabre at Russia. Unless Putin goes insane and launches a nuclear attack, Russia is not a direct threat. In contrast, China is the first country since the British Empire that has the manpower, economic strength, and military might to potentially invade and conquer the USA.

American interests require the enlistment of allies to contain the ChiComs. Key players include not only India, Japan, and Australia, but also Russia, which shares a 2,600-mile border with China. It might be wise not to drive Russia into China’s arms with name-calling.

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