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Jun 02 2021

Congresswoman Terrorized on Behalf of Tyrannical PRO Act

The liberal establishment has done nothing but encourage political violence by radical groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa. As no doubt intended, this violence has continued to escalate. Politicians who don’t toe the leftist line may be subjected to intimidation at their homes. For now, we are still mainly at the graffiti stage:

Charleston Police are investigating vandalism at the South Carolina home of Rep. Nancy Mace over the Memorial Day weekend where her property was spray-painted with profanity and anarchist symbols.

Mace, R-S.C., discovered Monday morning that her house, front steps, sidewalk and street were defaced with black spray paint. The vandal or vandals wrote several statements, including “F–k you Nancy,” “all politicians are bastards,” “no god, no masters,” “pass the pro act” and three Antifa symbols.

Mace is raising two kids in this house as a single mother. Even if the threat of violence is not as explicit as the white powder recently sent to Rand Paul, the intent to terrorize couldn’t be clearer.

As usual with Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and their independent emulators, the thuggery calls for broader thuggery to be imposed by Big Government. The vandal demanded Mace support the tyrannical PRO Act, which would throw tens of millions of Americans out of work on behalf of Big Unions:

After California passed Assembly Bill 5, Lisa Rothstein lost a big piece of her income. She works as a freelancer in various roles, including a cartoonist, copywriter, and advisor. AB 5 requires many independent contractors to be reclassified as employees, preventing clients from hiring her. She is not alone. In fact, AB 5 has robbed thousands of contractors across California of their incomes.

What’s more, AB 5 may no longer be confined to the Golden State. Congress is considering the Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO) Act—legislation that would create a similar law at the federal level. If passed, it would have severe implications for the 57 million Americans who call themselves freelancers, as well as millions of other traditional workers who would lose their right-to-work protections.

Biden unsurprisingly supports it. He made it clear in advance that he wanted to abolish freelance employment on behalf of his corrupt union financers, destroying any number of lives. People voted for him anyway.

On a tip from TCS III. Hat tip: Hot Air.


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