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Apr 15 2022

Convicts Impregnated by Transgender Prisoners

If men can get pregnant — as Democrats believe — then it stands to reason that women can impregnate other women. Sure enough:

Two women at New Jersey’s only all-women’s prison have both fallen pregnant after having sex with transgender inmates.

The de facto coed prison is Edna Mahan Correctional Facility in Clinton. It may have been ham-handed of the author of the black comedy we are living in to give the town the same name as a president most remembered for sexual degeneracy.

Edna Mahan houses 27 transgender prisoners, and over 800 women altogether.

The number of transgender prisoners will skyrocket as convicts become aware of the benefits of making liberal social engineers happy by “transitioning.”

It is unclear whether the impregnated convicts will kill the babies.

Thank the ACLU of New Jersey for men who proclaim themselves to be women enjoying the amenities at Edna Mahan. The point, according to ACLU legal director Jeanne LoCicero, is to “prevent discrimination and harassment on the basis of gender identity.”

The actual point, as with all transgender lunacy, is to divorce society from objective reality. Once Democrats can dictate that 2 + 2 = 5, or that men are women, anything is possible — including getting impregnated by inmates in a women’s prison.

On tips from Chris Neilson and Dragon’s Lair.


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One Response to “Convicts Impregnated by Transgender Prisoners”

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