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Apr 18 2022

A Headline for the LGBT Era

Only in the last stages of madness can you see a headline like this:

Ex-Soldier Exposed Her Penis and Used Wheelie Bin as Sex Toy in Public

As the headline demonstrates, we live in a world dominated by lunatic perverts and comparably deranged liberals who piously pander to and empower them.

The story reports that “Chloe” Thompson committed various public sex acts last August 13, attempting to hump a garbage bin and repeatedly exposing himself, including to children.

Thompson was already on the sex offenders’ register before she [sic] had come out as trans when she [sic] was legally named Andrew McNab.

She [sic] has 17 convictions for 22 offences, including sexually assaulting an underage girl in 2011.

Will society finally respond to this freak appropriately? Of course not. Now that he has proclaimed himself trans, he is extra special.

Judge Stephen Carroll wants to suspend his sentence “given the challenges you faced.”

According to Thompson’s lawyer, this is a reference to the “difficult time Thompson is having with her [sic] gender identity.”

At last word, Thompson is out on bail. Let’s hope he limits himself to flashing children rather than raping them.

When authorities are finally forced to lock him up, it will probably be in a women’s prison, where he can look forward to fatherhood opportunities.

Thompson is the type our liberal rulers use as a template as they reengineer society to conform to their values.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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