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Nov 15 2021

COP26 Sets Record for CO2 Emissions

The 26th United Nations Climate Change conference (COP26) that ended Friday in Glasgow was truly historic. That’s because the sanctimonious social engineers who arrived by private jet to decide how to lower our standard of living to demonstrate their reverence for the climate set a record with their gargantuan carbon footprint, doubling last year’s output.

The 2-week moonbatfest was estimated to emit about 102,500 tons of CO2:

[T]hat’s the equivalent of total average annual emissions for more than 8,000 U.K. residents.

Most of the emissions came from the jets our liberal rulers enjoy zipping around on.

For once our moonbat ruling class has made a positive contribution. Carbon dioxide helps crops to grow. Some say it could cause the climate to warm. If this is true, maybe if we hold enough UN climate conferences, we can go back to farming on Greenland.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.


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