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Mar 25 2021

Copresident Kamala Harris Fails to Salute

Despite the military’s top ranks getting largely purged of patriots under Obama and replaced with leftist apparatchiks, they struggle to indoctrinate the rank and file with woke ideology. That must be why moonbats like Kamala Harris are still openly contemptuous of the military.

Not even Harris is too clueless to know that it has become customary to return the salute:

This was no one-off; Not the Bee has video of other examples. As Fox News reports,

Video reviewed by Fox News showed that Harris did not salute the honor guard on Monday nor during earlier trips on March 15 and 16. She did not appear to salute when disembarking Air Force One with Biden on March 19 either.

Recent vice presidents have maintained the practice of saluting the honor guard while entering and exiting Air Force Two.

Although Joe Biden is technically still alive (despite his zombie-like performance at the press conference today), Harris has effectively already been named copresident. All federal agencies have been told to refer to it as the “Biden-Harris Administration” in official communications.

She may have to improve her rapport with the servicemembers, considering that if the Democrat agenda gets any more radical, she will be relying on them to keep the population in line.


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