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Oct 07 2021

Cost of Heating Homes Set to Skyrocket Under Biden

Elections have consequences. Allow to power a leftist who had promised to abolish the fossil fuels without which modern society cannot function, and an easily predictable consequence was Biden’s war on energy, which has crippled the USA’s ability to meet its energy needs. An easily predictable consequence of suppressing drilling and closing pipelines will be hitting us this winter:

The National Energy Assistance Directors Association predicts gas bills in the U.S. could rise up to 30% this winter.

“Going forward this year, there are no signs of these prices coming down,” executive director Mark Wolfe told “GMA.”

Why would they come down? There is no indication the Biden Regime will take its boot off the neck of the energy industry. On the contrary, if it is able to ram through its gargantuan spending bills, we will be forced to rely more heavily on inefficient “green” energy.

Remember the dismal Jimmy Carter, wearing his cardigan sweater and telling us to bundle up rather than warm our homes to a comfortable temperature? Here we go again. The US Department of Energy, rather than getting out of the way so that we can produce energy, advises us to replace furnace filters — as if this would solve the problem of insufficient energy production.

Oh, and the Feds have another solution — socialism:

Wolfe said the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is a “federal program that helps people pay their energy bills, they have enough money to do so — but it’s not just for poor poeple, a family can have to $40,000 a year and still qualify.”

As the impending spending bonanza with its vast expansion of the welfare state confirms, handouts aren’t just for the poor anymore. However, getting Big Government off the back of the energy industry is a more sensible solution than using Big Government to force someone else to pay your heating bill.

Recall that under Trump, America was energy independent. Energy exports exceeded imports.

If you think Biden’s approval numbers are low now, wait until the full implications of radical leftists taking power unfold. Merrick Garland will have to sic the FBI on pollsters the way he did on parents who speak out against moonbattery at schoolboard meetings.

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