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Aug 16 2023

Countermoonbat Boycott Draws Blood From Target

AB InBev was vulnerable to a countermoonbat boycott because it sold its former #1 brand Bud Light to the sort of people liberal elitists hate. Retail giant Target is more belligerently woke, aggressively targeting children for transsexualization. But its broader customer base makes it invulnerable, so it can afford to be arrogant. Or maybe not:

Target lowered its sales and profit expectations for the rest of the year after its quarterly sales fell for the first time in six years, declining 5.4%, while it announced it expected its share price to clock in between $7.00 to $8.00 as opposed to the previously expected $7.75 to $8.75, according to the earnings report. The decrease in expectations follows backlash from conservatives after the company announced a Pride Month collection in May that included LGBT merchandise marketed to kids.

It is not feasible to boycott every company that rams sickness down our throats on behalf of the degenerate ruling class. But regular Americans can inflict serious damage on the most egregious of them, potentially motivating the rest to back off.

A shareholder lawsuit was filed in early August through America First Legal, suing the company and its board of directors for allegedly misleading investors and costing them billions. The suit takes aim at Target’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Environment, Social and Governance policies, saying that they do not benefit shareholders and ignore previous trends related to conservative backlash.

Liberals are expert at imposing their agenda through lawsuits. Let’s hope they like the taste of their own medicine.

The bleating about “safety” in the video above is pure moonbattery. There were threats of violence, but they came from the left.

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