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Sep 21 2020

Court Requires Father to Adopt His Own Daughter

Men are men; women are women. Deny it and you will soon drown in a morass of madness. In France, a guy wants to be legally recognized not as his daughter’s father, but as her mother. The country’s highest court has ruled on what he has to do:

To become one of the six-year-old girl’s two legal mothers, the 51-year-old transgender woman would have to adopt her, the Cour de Cassation ruled.

Born male, the applicant was recognised as a woman by French authorities in 2011. She then had a child with her wife in 2014, having not undergone the operation to have her male reproductive organs removed.

Not even RenĂ© Magritte pushed surrealism as far as the phrase “her male reproductive organs.”

Either we acknowledge objective reality as real or we don’t. If we don’t, we are insane. Insane is not a safe or pleasant way to go through life.

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