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May 21 2021

Covid Scammers Dumb Enough to Get Caught

One thing police have in their favor is the stupidity of most criminals who don’t go into politics. Unfortunately, it is so easy to scam a government that regards our money as free that even morons are able to pull it off.

Via Foundation for Economic Education:

A group of scammers in New York City allegedly ripped off millions from the state’s super-charged pandemic welfare system. They were busted after (rather foolishly) posting pictures of themselves with massive money stacks on social media and now face prosecution.

The youths acquired $2 million in Covid relief funds by stealing other people’s personal information in scams that lasted from last June through last month.

The scammers’ target was the state’s unemployment benefits system. During the pandemic, the government greatly increased benefit payouts and hastily expanded eligibility to new categories of workers. In its rush to get taxpayer money out the door, the government created a target-rich system flush with cash and light on verification.

Under Biden, the spending spree is so out of control that top bureaucrats openly admit they don’t care if the free money goes to people in the country illegally.

A report shows that the federal government has potentially lost up to $200 billion in taxpayer money to scammers ripping off the system [during the pandemic]. …

[T]he total money lost to fraud is more than 5 times as much as the feds spent on vaccine development. According to the American Enterprise Institute, “unemployment fraud” now ranks as the 4th biggest federal COVID expenditure

[W]hen it comes to big government, fraud, waste, and dysfunction are baked into the cake.

See where Covid cash has been flowing, as your savings are inflated into oblivion.

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