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Nov 29 2022

Covid Tyrants Stay True to the Cause

The communists ruling China comprise the deadliest regime in human history, having killed an estimated 65 million of their own citizens under Mao alone. The Chinese people are so fed up with Covid tyranny that they are standing up to it. The liberal media sanctimoniously positions itself on the side of the rebels, despite being instrumental in the imposition of Covid tyranny in the West, and despite having installed in office Joe Biden, who will not take sides against his ChiCom benefactors.

Taylor Lorenz of the Washington Post (best known for using the intimidation tactic of doxing Libs of TikTok) may be a ditzy moonbat, but at least she is true to her principles:

Lorenz raised eyebrows over the weekend when she defended the Chinese Communist Party’s “zero-COVID” policy while slamming her employer’s reporting on the subject.

The Washington Post on Saturday tweeted an article about China’s record number of coronavirus cases in the country.

“‘A coronavirus outbreak on the verge of being China’s biggest of the pandemic has exposed a critical flaw in Beijing’s ‘zero Covid’ strategy: a vast population without natural immunity,’ the tweet said.

The article seemingly hit a nerve for Lorenz, who responded with an extended Twitter rant praising China’s authoritarian COVID lockdowns and accusing the U.S. of killing “millions of vulnerable people” by reopening the country.

When not even WaPo is moonbatty enough…

Liberal demigod Anthony Fauci — who apparently provided US taxpayer money to help fund the ChiCom creation of Covid — also remains basically true to the cause, although the career bureaucrat is more politically astute about it:

Good thing Democrats have not finished consolidating power, or authorities would be welding doors shut here too (if only for a “temporary period of time”).

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