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Nov 28 2022

Chinese Have Had Enough Covid Tyranny

It is true that people can be duped or herded into tolerating and even voting for the likes of Joe Biden. But it is also true that there are limits to how much senseless tyranny they will put up with. This may be bad news for Biden’s colleague and business partner Xi Jinping, who continues to push Covid tyranny past people’s level of endurance:

Demonstrations against Xi, his oppressive Covid crackdowns and increasingly authoritarian rule are now sweeping the country – with activists taking to the streets of Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, and Nanjing in an unprecedented wave of dissent.

How do you say “Let’s Go Brandon” in Chinese?

Imagine how angry the Chinese must be if they are aware that their own government almost certainly created Covid at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Globalists will be pleased to see the Chinese and degenerate Western regimes come to resemble each other. The ChiComs have coopted social media by flooding Twitter with lewd spam:

Large numbers of Chinese-language Twitter accounts burst into life on Sunday and began inundating search feeds with racy images, suggestive videos and links to escort services.

Many of the accounts were created years ago and had been lying dormant, having posted little to no content.

But since protests spread across the country this weekend, the accounts suddenly began churning out thousands of posts per day.

Never mind liberty; have some porn instead. Similarly, Democrats offer casual sex without consequences via abortion.

The erotic images and videos included in the posts are accompanied by the names of cities to ensure that the distraction would turn up in searches for those seeking information on the demonstrations.

It is not working:

Clashes between activists and police have already taken place in Shanghai – which suffered through a months-long Covid lockdown earlier this year – with BBC cameraman Edward Lawrence arrested and beaten by officers in the city.

The BBC exists mainly to advance the cause of leftist Big Government. Poetic justice can be harsh.

Some are calling for Dictator for Life Xi Jinping to resign and even for the CCP to relinquish power. Anger is spreading to other grievances, including calls for free expression.

Experts say Xi cannot back down from his insane zero-Covid policy, nor can he allow the protests to challenge his rule, the legitimacy of which is based solely on brute force and fear. That means another Tiananmen Square is coming.

How will the Big Guy respond?

On tips from Wiggins, Bluto, and Varla.


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