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Mar 05 2023

Cricket-Flavored Ice Cream

Some of the simple pleasures of life will still be permitted even if liberals succeed in imposing utopia. For example, we will still have ice cream. So as to save the planet, it will be cricket flavored:

Eiscafé Rino in the southern city of Rottenburg [Germany] introduced cricket-flavored ice cream topped with the dried insects themselves [last] week.

Perfect name for a town suffering from moonbattery.

Owner Thomas Micolin created the delicacy, and proudly posed with it on Instagram.

The point is not to provide ice cream that tastes good, but to posture politically:

“It’s a small message for the food that could be the future,” Micolino said.

Woke social engineers want us to eat bugs because agriculture is haram in their religion. They demand we believe there is something wrong with the prevailing weather and that replacing food with insects will improve it.

No doubt moonbats will buy the disgusting ice cream so they can boast that they helped stave off global warming until such a time as the United Nations can save us all by blotting out the sun.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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