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Mar 05 2023

United Nations Plots Global Doom

The zany ideology of our moonbat rulers stops being funny when they superimpose it on the real world. For example, in the name of their imaginary climate crisis, the kooks comprising the United Nations are planning measures that could disrupt the planet’s ability to sustain life:

The United Nations published an in-depth document outlining possible “Solar Radiation Modification” programs, otherwise describing a series of methods to cool the earth’s temperature in emergency situations.

According to devotees of the global warming hoax, we are already in an emergency situation and always will be so long as the climate fluctuates or there is weather.

UN bureauweenies admit there is “little information on the risks of SRM,” but they have experts to resolve the issue. Similar experts in the UN’s World Health Organization resolved how to deal with Covid.

The first suggested method involves stratospheric aerosol injections, or “SAI,” which involve “injecting highly reflective sub-micron-size particles into the stratosphere,” requiring aircrafts that can release the particles at an altitude of 20-25 kilometers.

Any country that tries to do this should be nuked immediately before it makes the planet unlivable for the rest of us.

The idea was theorized around 2017 and then subsequently experimented with by Bill Gates and Harvard University in 2018.

If it is sinister enough for Bill Gates and his fellow liberal elitists at Harvard, it’s surprising James Bond never had to stop SPECTRE from doing it.

Another method is known as “marine cloud brightening,” which “would be achieved by introducing sea salt aerosols to produce a larger number of smaller cloud droplets, thus ‘brightening’ clouds.”

Again the objective would be to reflect sunlight back into space, because according to liberal ideology, the sunlight that sustains all life on earth is bad.

A third method involves simulating the effects of a volcanic eruption that blocks out the sun’s rays.

Remember when we were warned of the “nuclear winter” that could threaten the existence of the human race following WWIII? Progressives want to bring this about on purpose by polluting the air with sulfur dioxide.

Sulfur dioxide is described as “a toxic gas responsible for the odor of burnt matches. It is released naturally by volcanic activity and is produced as a by-product of copper extraction and the burning of sulfur-bearing fossil fuels.”

The smell of this poisonous gas has been associated with hell and Satan for good reason. As we should have learned from the 100 million killed by their own communist governments, letting leftists take control means creating hell on earth.

Other suggestions include “whitening the roofs of urban buildings” with paint to make them more reflective, genetically modifying the color of crops to make them reflect sunlight, and of course “space mirrors.”

The latter options for rejecting the sun’s life-giving rays are where they will probably start: gigantic futile gestures that will cost $trillions and accomplish nothing whatsoever. But when these fail to eradicate weather, the UN will have to fall back on the more extreme measures — unless we wise up by then and call in an air strike on UN headquarters.

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