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Mar 03 2023

Crybully Sues University of Bristol for Microaggressions

If it is true that some hesitate to hire members of allegedly oppressed identity groups, it could be because no one wants to deal with the crap Christabelle Peters put the University of Bristol through:

A black university lecturer sued the faculty for race discrimination because her nameplate on her door didn’t have her ‘Dr’ title on it.

Other microaggressions Peters claims to have been subjected to include that her office furniture wasn’t delivered fast enough, that like coworkers she didn’t always get her pay slips in her pigeonhole, that someone expressed lack of interest in Africa, and that educrats racistly pushed her to take ill health retirement after she suffered a disabling stroke.

Even now, sanity sometimes prevails, even in academia:

The lecturer, who is black British of Guyanese origin, has lost all her claims at an employment tribunal.

This followed a week-long spectacle at which she denounced everyone around her as a racist.

As for the nameplate,

The tribunal found the nameplate issue was an ‘admin error’, that another lecturer had the same problem happen to him, and that the nameplates are often prepared by junior workers who don’t even know what they look like.

Regardless of her qualifications — which thanks to Affirmative Action could be nonexistent — would you want Christabelle Peters working for you?

Peters practices what she preaches: cultural Marxist moonbattery.

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