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Mar 03 2023

Crying Indian Canceled

It would be hard to imagine anything more politically correct than an Indian weeping because Western Civilization has despoiled the planet. Yet like Chief Wahoo and the Indian maiden on the Land O’Lakes butter packaging, the iconic Crying Indian has been canceled:

Since its debut in 1971, an anti-pollution ad showing a man in Native American attire shed a single tear at the sight of smokestacks and litter taking over a once unblemished landscape has become an indelible piece of TV pop culture.

It’s been referenced over the decades since on shows like “The Simpsons” and “South Park” and in internet memes. …

But to many Native Americans, the public service announcement has been a painful reminder of the enduring stereotypes they face.

Consequently, the nonprofit Keep America Beautiful, which commissioned the ad, has transferred ownership to the National Congress of American Indians, which has consigned it to the memory hole.

NCAI plans to end the use of the ad and watch for any unauthorized use.

Somebody should tell the NCAI that it is racist to call American Indians “American Indians” now. They wouldn’t want to be inadvertent thought criminals like the United Negro College Fund.

Indian activist crybullies won’t be happy until they have erased their own culture from American consciousness. Then they still won’t be happy, but we won’t know about it, because no one will remember their existence.

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