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Jul 07 2021

Cuomo: Gun Rights Constitute “Emergency”

First, they created a massive upsurge in violent crime by egging on lawless mobs, undermining the police, and letting criminals run loose in the name of bail reform and Covid. If you can’t guess what comes next, you don’t know Democrats.

Via National Review:

At a presentation Tuesday, Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a “disaster emergency” on gun violence in New York and issued an executive order expediting funding to address the problem, which he called a new “epidemic.”

Coming out of authoritarians like Cuomo, the word “emergency” is as ominous as the term “door to door.” Given the tyranny Cuomo was able to inflict in the name of Covid (at the cost of thousands of lives), it is unsurprising to hear the word “epidemic” in the same context.

“Gun violence is a public health crisis, and we must treat it like one,” intones Cuomo. That means New Yorkers need to brace for a constitutional crisis.

Cuomo pledged $138 million of other people’s money to his new initiative to render New Yorkers defenseless in the face of the violate anarchy he has helped to create.

He praised the pernicious NAACP for attacking the Second Amendment by lobbying for laws intended to ruin gun manufacturers, an approach he plans to emulate by suing them over the misuse of their products. The same strategy might be used to abolish any disfavored industry; the auto industry had better keep the donation checks flowing to Democrats.

Then Cuomo proclaimed the police in need of reform. Echoing ultraleft antipolice rhetoric, he says “It’s time we reimagine” policing. Reimaging policing by replacing cops with social workers is not going to make the streets of NYC safer.

The city and state will remain in a tailspin until the terrible leadership personified by Cuomo is replaced. Fortunately, Cuomo’s tight grip on power could be slipping:

Cuomo’s political quagmires now include accusations that his administration fudged COVID nursing home death data, that he unlawfully appropriated state funds and resources for his multi million-dollar book deal, and that he sexually harassed staffers while in office.

Less fortunately, with sane people leaving the state in droves to escape lockdown lunacy, hyperregulation, stratospheric taxes, escalating violence, and maniacal leadership, the Democrat Death Spiral has taken firm hold. When Cuomo is finally pried out of power, his replacement may be even worse.

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