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Jul 07 2021

Door to Door Vaccine “Strike Forces”

In the Chinese Cultural Revolution, thugs went door to door, searching homes for any belongings that might qualify as politically incorrect by reminding people of pre-communist China. The Red Guard beat people in addition to confiscating or destroying their property, but at least they didn’t bully anyone into taking an experimental vaccine that has already been taken by everyone who wants it.

Presenting the current level of ever-escalating federal government intrusiveness under the Biden’s Handlers Administration:

The Biden administration announced on Tuesday that they have launched so-called “strike forces” to go into local communities to assist with vaccination efforts that the administration said would be “door-to-door.”

The term “door-to-door” in the context of an aggressive leftist government will raise the hair on the neck of anyone who treasures freedom.

Getting the jab is probably a reasonable risk for a lot of people. For children and those who have already had Covid, it makes zero sense. In any case, a vaccine is available. If this is still anything like a free country, it is up to us whether we want it.

By the way, herd immunity has been canceled. Getting people injected is now an end in itself:

Maybe the idea is to get us used to the feds going door to door, for when the big gun grab comes. Progress cannot progress beyond a certain point so long as citizens can still defend themselves.

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