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Apr 04 2022

David Hogg Thinks You Should Need a License to Kill

Even a white guy can be a moron and get into Harvard, provided he is enough of a moonbat. David Hogg happened to be a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida when irresponsible and cowardly authorities allowed a maniac to go on a shooting spree. He exploited this to establish himself as a noisy opponent of our fundamental right of self-defense as enshrined in the Second Amendment. Naturally, Harvard rolled out the red carpet for him.

How much of a dope is David Hogg? This much:

“If you need a license to kill deer why don’t you need one to kill humans?” Hogg tweeted, adding “Plenty of people will think this is dumb- good for you. I’m not looking out for an election and I’m entitled to my own opinion no matter how much you disagree.”

Someone bright enough to go to Harvard ought to know that you do so need a license to kill people:

Okay, that’s England. But in the USA, in most states you need to be a licensed physician to perform an abortion. Killing people in other contexts can get you in big trouble.

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