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Aug 22 2022

Democrats Launder Our Money Through IRS Salaries

The inflationary looting spree Democrats absurdly named the Inflation Reduction Act launders taxpayer money so they can spend it on themselves in multiple ways. One is the tactic perfected by Obama of washing the money through economically insane green energy boondoggles. Another is the hiring of a staggering 87,000 new IRS employees.

Via Americans for Tax Reform:

The IRS employee union is a major funder of the Democratic party. … In the past decade, the IRS union has given $601,759 in PAC funding to Democrat party committees.

In the 2022 cycle, the National Treasury Employees Union has given 100% of its PAC funding to Democrats. It gives 98.79% of its federal candidate spending to Democrats. Why shouldn’t it? The IRS is the essence of Big Government, and Democrats are the Party of Big Government.

Doubling the number of IRS agents should double this funding, which is provided by the taxpayers forced to finance IRS salaries.

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