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Dec 07 2023

Democrats Push Unconstitutionally to Get Felons Voting

A few blacks are wising up regarding the Democrat Party. Time to shift emphasis to the identity group that won’t ever forget who to vote for. Not even LGBTers are more certain to support Democrats than convicted felons:

Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., announced the Inclusive Democracy Act on Wednesday outside the United States Capitol with Sen. Peter Welch, D-Vt.

Because so long as America is still standing, Our Democracy is not inclusive enough.

The bill would guarantee the right to vote in federal elections for all Americans, regardless of criminal conviction. It also requires those with past convictions to receive notice they are now eligible to vote.

If you want to know what a country run by people elected to represent criminals looks like, cities that have had pro-criminal DAs installed by the Democrats’ #1 donor George Soros offer an indication (e.g., Alvin Bragg [New York], George Gascon [Los Angeles], Kim Foxx [Chicago], Kim Ogg [Houston], Larry Krasner [Philadelphia], Chesa Boudin [San Francisco], Kim Gardner [St Louis], Marilyn Mosby [Baltimore], Monique Worrell [central Florida], Jason Williams [New Orleans], Pamela Price [Oakland]).

The bill is unconstitutional, because the states have authority over elections. But that isn’t likely to stop a member of the Squad like Ayanna Pressley.

On tips from Jack D and ABC of the ANC.


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