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Dec 09 2020

New LA County DA George Gascon Promises Anarchy

Have you enjoyed the violence, property loss, and senseless destruction, as the liberal establishment wages a propaganda war against law enforcement, defunding it, deliberately egging on criminals, and then seeing to it that they are not incarcerated? If so, you will be pleased to hear that Los Angeles is following in the footsteps of San Francisco and New York, which are governed on behalf of criminals at the expense of the law-abiding.

LA County District Attorney George Gascón took the helm of the nation’s largest prosecution office Monday and unveiled an ambitious agenda that includes the end of cash bail for many offenses, not seeking the death penalty and the refusal to pursue charges for certain crimes.

When charges are not pursued for a crime as a matter of official policy, it is for all intents and purposes no longer a crime. That’s how shoplifting became effectively legal in California. In this way, radical district attorneys have the power to overrule legislatures. That’s why George Soros invests so much money in them (including Gascon).

Among Gascon’s stated social engineering goals, he wants to “end mass incarceration.” He also promises to end bail completely. Ending bail for many criminals proved disastrous when inflicted by the maniacs running New York.

With progressives in charge, crime will continue to rise, as a result of liberal policies and the ideologically driven defunding of police. To reduce incarceration while increasing crime means more criminals running loose, inflicting mayhem on the law-abiding. Why liberals want this is subject to debate, but one thing we know for sure is that they do want it.

Like many leftist apparatchiks, Gascon has failed upward. He held the same position in San Francisco, which he helped reduce to the zoo it is today.

Maxwell Szabo, a spokesperson for Gascón, highlighted the district attorney’s success in reducing San Fransisco’s prison population…

In a sane world, an attorney general would attempt to reduce the prevalence of crime, allowing the prison population to fall as a consequence. It should be obvious even to liberals ensconced in their propaganda bubble that this does not work in reverse; letting criminals go free does not reduce crime.

The LAPD is facing a proposed $150 million budget cut, which the city approved in July and which will lead to the lowest staffing level in 12 years at the department.

No worries; there is no point in arresting criminals in a place run by the bad guys anyway.

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