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May 18 2022

Democrats Target Energy and Food

If you think prices are high now, give Democrats a chance to fix the problem they caused with their excessive spending, repressive regulations, and war on energy. Rather than take responsibility for the crisis, they accuse the people who overcome government hurdles to provide us with energy of “price gouging.” Their solution is Marxism:

Elizabeth Warren and seven Democratic colleagues in the Senate and six in the House want to punish companies that raise prices more than they like.

As everyone who was alive during the 1970s or who knows what has been going on in Venezuela is aware, price controls produce shortages.

The legislation unveiled last week would grant sweeping new powers to the Federal Trade Commission. It bans companies with $100 million or more in revenue from selling goods or services “at an unconscionably excessive price” during a market shock. The public employees in their Beltway offices would define what is “unconscionably excessive,” and they could then slap offenders with a penalty of up to 5% of annual revenue.

That would be crippling. It is intended to be. When disfavored industries like “Big Oil” can no longer function due to government shackles, they will be nationalized, as in Venezuela.

Gasoline is not the only essential product Democrats will make unavailable:

Warren denounced “corporations taking advantage of the current crisis to prey on consumers,” and listed grocery stores, car-rental firms and drug companies as nefarious price gougers.

The profit margin at grocery stores is particularly thin. Putting companies like Kroger — which Warren has denounced by name — out of business will require nationalization of food distribution. Democrats have learned well from Joseph Stalin regarding the effectiveness of the food supply as a political weapon.

Liberals posture ostentatiously regarding their support for Ukraine. Ask a Ukrainian about the Holodomor and you will understand Warren’s game plan.

Venezuela was the wealthiest country in Latin America, sitting on the world’s largest oil reserves. Then people cut of the same cloth as Warren, Biden, and Bernie Sanders took over. The result was empty shelves at the grocery store and no gas at the pumps. It won’t turn out differently here.

The danger is that the idea of price controls spreads beyond the Senate’s Venezuelan caucus and into the Treasury and White House. It’s the definition of economic insanity, which means in this Administration it is all too possible.

Not only possibly, but likely. With Biden’s leftist handlers in charge, the dysfunctional socialist dictatorship in Venezuela is not a problem to solve. It is our likeminded ally:

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador returned from a visit to Havana this month and announced the next day that the U.S. had agreed with Caracas to buy one million barrels of Venezuelan crude daily. This would require lifting U.S. sanctions that are designed to squeeze the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro and help return the country to democracy. …

In March, Team Biden sent three representatives to Caracas to talk to Mr. Maduro. Venezuela later released two of more than a half-dozen American hostages it has been holding. … Rumors persist that back-channel talks continue. …

Venezuelan supply wouldn’t make much of a dent in global oil prices. But it is revealing that American progressives apparently put appeasing the Latin left above their climate-change principles.

In contrast to global warming hogwash, Marxism is something Democrats really do believe in, because it would grant them the absolute power enjoyed by fiends like Stalin, Mao, and Maduro.

The Biden Administration’s sanctions dance with the dictator is taking place even as it acts at every turn to restrict U.S. oil and production.

That is because Venezuela is an ally to the Biden Administration, whereas America is its enemy.

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