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Apr 21 2024

Dems Introduce Bill to Facilitate Assassinating Trump

What’s next on the Democrat agenda after they convict Trump of some absurd infraction by trying him where he cannot get a fair trial? Congresscritter Bennie Thompson (D-MS) lays the groundwork with a bill proposed Friday:

Thompson’s bill stipulates that Secret Service protection “shall terminate for any person upon sentencing following conviction for a Federal or State offense that is punishable for a term of imprisonment of at least one year.’’ There is an unmistakable hint that the Democrats plan to imprison Trump for at least a year, ideally so that he will be behind bars on November 5, 2024 and January 20, 2025.

If the name Bennie Thompson sounds familiar, you may be thinking of the January 6 show trials:

Byron York of the Washington Examiner noted what all this was really about: Thompson, he wrote, “ran the January 6 committee, which mixed elements of show trial and reality series. Focused solely on Trump, of course.” York stated that the “obvious subtext here is that removing USSS would make it easier for someone to kill Trump, which is arguably the goal of Thompson’s bill, H.R. 8081: The DISGRACED Former Protectees Act.”

You don’t have to be the subject of liberals’ 24-hour version of the Two Minute Hates for Democrats to want someone to kill you. RFK Jr continues to be denied Secret Service protection despite the two dead Kennedys behind him because he threatens to peel away votes from Biden. Attempts on the life of relatively conservative Supreme Court justices have been all but openly encouraged.

Letting Democrats further consolidate power would not be wise.

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