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Jul 28 2023

RFK Jr Denied Secret Service Protection?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a Democrat and a flaming moonbat on topics like environmentalism. However, he deviates from liberal orthodoxy regarding Covid, censorship, Ukraine, and guns. More importantly, he could stand between Joe Biden and reelection. Consequently, he is expendable — highly expendable:

This could be a touchy subject for RFK Jr, considering that both his father and his uncle were assassinated.

Recruitment of potential assassins is already underway. RFK Jr has been demonized by the liberal media to the point that he is more popular among Republicans than Democrats.

Donald Trump shouldn’t complain; all they are doing to him is trying to throw him in prison. No wonder more Democrats don’t step forward to challenge the conspicuously unfit Biden.

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.


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