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Oct 20 2020

Denver COVID-19 Restrictions Threaten Thanksgiving

Leftists loathe Thanksgiving, reacting to the patriotism and gratitude like vampires to a cross. Every year, they subject us to diatribes denouncing it.

Hollywood has summed up the politically fashionable viewpoint on Thanksgiving. The movie Addams Family Values was excreted back in 1993, but the liberal establishment was still praising it a quarter century later for the correctness of its attitude:

Liberal intolerance inevitably escalates from propaganda and rhetoric to legal proscriptions. COVID-19 may prove useful in this regard. From Colorado Peak Politics:

Denver Mayor [Michael] Hancock has ordered residents to abide by confusing new COVID-19 rules and claims it might be too dangerous for families and friends to gather for Thanksgiving.

Only five people are now permitted to gather together…

So a family of six cannot sit at the same table? The rules are not quite that repressive — yet. But if there are five or more family members, you can’t invite any guests.

Because it is a Christian holiday, progressives hate Christmas even more. Stay tuned for Grinch-inspired yuletide coronavirus restrictions. If Biden wins, they might be imposed at a national level.

Imagine explaining to the Founding Fathers why we let the government dictate how many people can gather for holidays. Since the American Revolution took place during a smallpox epidemic, it’s doubtful they would understand.

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