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Mar 23 2023

Denver School Brings Back Armed Officers After Shootings

Leftists seize eagerly on school shootings as a pretext to disarm law-abiding citizens. So key is this strategy to advancing their quest for more power that they are willing to facilitate shootings by pretending that the gun is responsible, rather than focusing on solutions that would reduce violence. But Wednesday’s shooting in Denver has jarred local educrats to step back from insanity:

In June 2020, the Denver School Board unanimously voted to cut ties with Denver Police, following the murder of George Floyd.

If anyone murdered George Floyd, it was the dealer who sold him the fentanyl that killed him. However, this did not stop moonbats from kicking out school resource officers to virtue signal their commitment to the Black Lives Matter agenda.

But Denver Superintendent Alex Marrero told the Denver Gazette’s news partners Chalkbeat Colorado Wednesday he will have an armed officer at each of the district’s comprehensive high schools — a step that he acknowledges likely violates school board policy.

In a letter Marrero sent to school board members Wednesday, several hours after a student allegedly shot two deans at the school, he wrote that he is “committing to having an armed officer at each comprehensive high school.”

The Board of Education agreed late Wednesday.

When it isn’t just children who are shot but the educrats themselves, suddenly they are capable of grasping that guns are required to prevent violence.

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