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Sep 05 2023

Department of Transportation’s War on Transportation

In 1984, the Ministry of Truth is responsible for erasing truth because it contradicts the party’s narrative. Similarly, Pete Buttigieg’s Department of Transportation is responsible for abolishing transportation because it is racist and offensive to the climate. Reward a moonbat mediocrity for being homosexual with a cabinet position and behold the result:

Buttigieg earlier this month appointed 24 new members to his Advisory Committee on Transportation Equity, an Obama-era body that Buttigieg is reviving after the Trump administration scrapped it. Included on the committee is Andrea Marpillero-Colomina, a “spatial policy scholar” who says “ALL CARS ARE BAD” given that they cause “a myriad of environmental issues and conditions.” Another Buttigieg appointee, self-described “transportation nerd” Veronica Davis, argued in an August essay that cars perpetuate “systemic racism” and are therefore “the problem” in America’s transportation system.

Not even Democrats are delusional enough to think that electric vehicles will meet our transportation needs. They are economically impractical even with massive subsidies, there is an insufficient supply of the rare materials required by their batteries, and green energy boondoggles will not generate enough electricity to power them.

The objective is to phase us out of independent transportation altogether. Mobility is independence, and the last thing the Party of the Welfare State wants is independence. The planners will decide where people should go and when we should go there.

On a tip from Dr. Kufi Tutite.


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