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Apr 12 2023

Democrats Are Progressively Taking Away Our Cars

The Democratic Party is an alliance between the liberal ruling class and the urban poor, which the former breeds for votes the way farmers breed chickens for eggs. The urban poor don’t care about cars. The rich can afford economically absurd electric vehicles. As for the rest of us, we are screwed:

The New York Times reported that the Biden administration will abuse EPA regulations to eliminate most real car sales by 2030.

The unelected bureaucracy — a.k.a. the Deep State — allows Democrats to inflict tyranny they could never get through Congress.

Even the cheapest electric cars, which are still far more expensive than their real car counterparts and are just one battery problem away from turning into mostly unusable junk, are out of the price range of the majority of Americans who need an income of $80,000 to make an EV auto loan work. That’s fine in Washington D.C. where the median income of $83,567 is the highest in the nation, but will entirely price much of the country out of the new car market.

Getting to work won’t be easy for those politically incorrect enough not to live in a city.

This isn’t class warfare: it’s class genocide. The Biden administration is moving to reserve car ownership privileges for the Tesla class while eliminating working class ownership and the social mobility and the economic possibilities that come with it under the guise of environmentalism.

Socialism means the people at the top pulling up the ladder so that others can’t join them. This has never been more obvious than under the current ruling class, with its demonic hatred of “deplorables” it wants to “exterminate.”

Steadily raising emissions standards has pushed the price of a new car toward $50,000.

But Democrats have only started.

By the 2030s, the plan is that the vast majority of America will not own cars, they will pay money to access them until they aren’t even allowed to do that. The electric cars will consume a growing portion of monthly earnings and will have very limited range. A younger generation may view a time when Americans owned their own cars the way we look back at the days when people could buy guns in hardware stores…

By then car ownership will be mostly pointless anyway. Some will try to keep used cars going, but insurance regulations and clean air standards will force them off the road. The Biden ‘infrastructure’ bill already has the government monitoring where you drive and included a measure to allow it to turn off your car. California’s failed experiment in solar and wind has led to brownouts and bans on charging cars.

Less mobility is less freedom. Does anyone still think this is about the weather?

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