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Sep 07 2020

Dining Out in Pittsburgh Under Siege by Black Lives Matter

Authorities should allow eating inside at full capacity. Diners might rather take their chances with COVID-19 than with mostly peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters. We saw what happened to normal people trying to enjoy an evening out in Rochester, New York. Here is what diners are up against in Pittsburgh:

The “Nazi Lives Don’t Matter” shirt sums up the prevailing attitude, assuming Nazis are defined as regular people minding their own business as they try to enjoy a meal.

The liberal establishment tells us that we must see Black Lives Matter bullies as the good guys and even revere them. Maybe —given its control of the media, corporations, sports, etc — the establishment can get people to feel the way we are told to feel. Or maybe the conspicuous malevolence of Black Lives Matter will cause people to question everything else we are told we must embrace.

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