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Sep 08 2020

Assistant Principal Illustrates Why So Many Violent Young Moonbats

Wondering where the hard left managed to find so many clueless young people to flood the streets, demanding the destruction of their own country on behalf of a malign ideology? Steven Lysenko, Assistant Principal of Spencerport High School in upstate New York, provides a clue.

Lysenko is among the mostly peaceful protesters who have terrorized nearby Rochester. We know this from a video he posted on social media.

Via Fox News:

“We didn’t do anything but chant and sing,” Lysenko says in the video clip. “Our peacekeepers ended up shooting pepper spray at us for singing and chanting and telling them what a s—-y-assed job they were doing. They can f— right off America! F— the police. F— Rochester Police Department.”

The school does not officially endorse Lysenko’s foul language. Far worse, it endorses his ideology:

The uproar caused by the video prompted the Spencerport Central School District to release a statement insisting that although the district supports “racial equality and systemic change,” it does not condone an employee using profane language on social media.

To pledge support for “systemic change” in response to 550 riots is to support the riots themselves.

Lysenko’s social media accounts are replete with posts declaring his support of Black Lives Matter and social justice-related causes.

What Lysenko has presented to the public is likely mild compared to what impressionable young minds are subjected to in classrooms under the authority of himself and likeminded educrats.

If his name sounds familiar, you could be thinking of Trofim Lysenko, whose crackpot agricultural theories were imposed by Stalin, resulting in a decline in crop yields, the suppression of genetics research in the USSR, and the dismissal, imprisonment, or even execution of thousands of scientists who were suspected of not agreeing with him. In the long run, the crackpot ideology that prevails in American public schools may prove even more harmful.

Children are educated by people like this.

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