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Sep 24 2020

Dining Out in St Petersburg Under Siege by Black Lives Matter

Thanks to fellow-traveling local authorities of the liberal persuasion, the Marxist insurgents of Black Lives Matter effectively rule the streets in many cities. This means that while we often can’t eat indoors thanks to COVID-19 restrictions, we can’t eat outdoors either without the risk of being assailed by leftist bullies.

We saw it happen in Rochester. We saw it happen in Pittsburgh. Here it happens in St Petersburg:

The more the media tries to spin the “mostly peaceful protesters” as the good guys, the more cognitive dissonance will be created. In the end, it may get through to one and all not only that Black Lives Matter militants are very much the bad guys, but that the left-wing propagandists running the media are too.

By now everyone should at least have a new appreciation for why we need police.

On a tip from Rapinhoe.


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