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Jun 06 2021

Egg Runs Down the Face of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Not even the mighty mainstream media could spin Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez into a positive light regarding her recent conflict with esteemed countermoonbat Matt Walsh.

It started when AOC took to Twitter to make a prop of her impoverished grandmother in Puerto Rico, whose ceiling appears to be caving in. She blamed Donald Trump for these living conditions. When Walsh noted that it is shameful for a wealthy woman to let her grandmother live in squalor, AOC responded by quacking belligerently about systemic injustice, effectively confirming that she was not helping her abuela.

So Walsh started a GoFundMe drive to repair the collapsing home, quickly raising even more money than AOC spent on her Tesla. But it will be returned to donors rather than going to the destitute abuela, because the family has refused it, evidently at AOC’s behest.

Daily Wire reports:

The message from GoFundMe appears to suggest that it may not have been Ocasio-Cortez’s grandmother who directly refused the funds, but someone else in the family.

Walsh responds:

Presumably the Future of the Democratic Party has been shamed into helping her grandmother instead of exploiting her for political purposes. Egg runs down AOC’s face while the nation points at her and laughs. If only she would take to heart the lesson that private charity succeeds where coercive wealth redistribution fails.

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