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Nov 18 2022

Electric Cars Keep Bursting Into Flames

It happens again

An electric vehicle fire led to a temporary closure of a highway west of Vermillion, South Dakota… The EV’s battery burst into fire, turning the car into an unrecognizable mess after the blaze was eventually put out.

…and again

A Tesla burst into flames on a Pennsylvania highway late Tuesday morning, burning so hot as to only be recognizable by its rims, firefighters said. …

Because of the electric vehicle’s lithium battery, extinguishing the fire took around 12,000 gallons of water. Typically, crews can extinguish a vehicle fire with around 500 gallons of water or less.

…and again and again.

Moonbats seem to believe that water once used is lost forever, so we must conserve it. Jennifer Anniston wants us to know that she brushes her teeth in the shower to save water. But water wasted on electric car fires doesn’t count, because enviromoonbattery is about sanctimonious gestures, not measurable reality.

Electric cars are not safe. Chevrolet has advised that you don’t park one of their one Bolts within 50 feet of another vehicle, and certainly not in your garage unless you want your house to burn down.

Yet still Democrats demand that we drive electric vehicles, no matter how dangerous, expensive, and bad for the environment. No doubt they have their reasons.

An EV burns up the road in South Dakota.

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