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Jan 20 2022

Elizabeth Warren: Socialize Student Loan Debt

Marxist Senator Elizabeth Warren says Biden could rescue the floundering Democrat Party by canceling some or all of the $1,732,200,000,000.00+ in outstanding student loan debt with the tyrannical stroke of a pen, thereby forcing the rest of us to pick up the tab for what is largely a grotesque waste of money.

This is outrageously unfair to those who have struggled to pay their debts, or to avoid incurring them. In the video below, Fauxcahontas explains why she wants to do it anyway:

• A lot of people who ran up student loan debt never got their degrees.

• Forcing other people to pay off student debt would benefit politically sacred blacks.

She comes close to explicitly stating the real reason: although at the extravagant price of exacerbating the national debt and inflation crises, it would theoretically purchase 43 million votes for the Democrat Party. Purchasing some people’s votes with other people’s money is the party’s business model; it works on the principle of concentrated benefits and dispersed costs.

Student loans were nationalized as part of the Obamacare power grab. This illustrates how essential it is to resist any further nationalization tooth and nail. In the short term, nationalization leads to corruption and dysfunction, as surely here as in Venezuela. In the medium term, it is communism by increments.

On a tip from Jack Bauer.


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2 Responses to “Elizabeth Warren: Socialize Student Loan Debt”

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