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Dec 19 2021

Epidemic of Hate Crimes Against Asians Continues

Homicidal madman Robert Aaron Long targeted sex workers, not Asians. But since he is white and most of his victims happened to be Asian, the media seized on his killing spree and hyped an epidemic of racist violence against Asians. The purpose was to demonize whites in general and Trump supporters in particular; according to Democrats, Trump calling Covid the “China virus” proved that he hates Asians. Black leftists worked themselves into a sanctimonious ecstasy of racial hatred.

Then liberals realized that the hate crime epidemic actually exists, but does not support their narrative. Violent crime against Asians is disproportionately inflicted by blacks. Stories like this one from California forced the media to pivot away to other crises:

[S]ix men allegedly committed more than 70 robberies, thefts, and burglaries against Asian women between October 2020 and September 2021. Santa Clara County’s District Attorney’s Office charged the six men with hate crime enhancements after the suspects targeted Asian women and used “ethnic slurs against Asians.”

A peek at the mug shots explains why hate crimes against Asians are no longer a major news theme.

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