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Oct 09 2023

Eric Adams Says Border Should Remain Open

The massive invasion crossing the deliberately undefended southern border has become such an extreme crisis that the media can no longer keep us distracted from it. Even the Biden Regime, which has not only left the border open but has provided active assistance to the invasion in clear violation of the law against treason, has been forced to acknowledge the “acute and immediate need” to build a wall. Eric Adams has been yelping about the catastrophe engulfing his sanctuary city as thousands upon thousands of undocumented Democrats arrive to collect their lavish handouts. He admits illegal immigration “will destroy New York City,” and even traveled to South America to beg invaders to stay home:

Adams this weekend visited the Darien Gap, a treacherous rainforest traversed by thousands of mostly South American migrants a month, to try to dissuade them from coming as U.S. cities like his own struggle to accommodate them. …

In a press conference during a stop in Puebla in central Mexico, Adams said: ‘Our hearts are endless, but our resources are not.’

Has Adams learned his lesson regarding the necessity of defending the border from invasion? He has not:

“We believe the borders should remain open,” Adams told reporters Tuesday. “That’s the official position of this city. But we have made it clear there should be a decompression strategy that we could properly deal with the volumes that’s coming into our city, and no cities should have to carry the burden of a nation … of the national government.”

Despite the nod to finite resources, illegal aliens are still welcome to invade by the millions to displace us. They just aren’t welcome in New York City. They aren’t needed there. The population has already been de-Americanized to the point of meeting Democrat requirements, as confirmed by Adams getting elected mayor.

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2 Responses to “Eric Adams Says Border Should Remain Open”

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