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Aug 23 2022

Free Phones and Healthcare for Illegal Aliens in NYC

Deliberately leaving the border open during a massive invasion is an example of what was known in the olden days as treason. Aiding and abetting those who invade your country is also treason. This crime was once taken quite seriously, often resulting in execution. But nowadays, the only crime the authorities take seriously in a place like New York City is calling illegal aliens “illegal aliens” ($250,000 fine). So as inflation erodes our standard of living, taxes climb, and the economy staggers deeper into recession, we read this:

Hundreds of migrants — at least some bused to the Big Apple by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott — lined up outside Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx on Sunday to get health care coverage, food and other items including school supplies and free phones.

Busing a representative handful of the invaders to New York was a nice gesture, but it does not solve the problem. An invasion is only solved when the invaders are thrown out of the country and kept out.

The event, organized by the city hospital system, was billed as a “resource and family fun day” for the migrants…

A rep for Medicaid provider MetroPlusHealth, which co-sponsored the event, said it expected about 1,200 migrants, mostly children, to attend.

Children are the shock troops of modern warfare. They are being exploited to literally conquer and subjugate the USA, so that the wealth we and our ancestors worked for centuries to build up can be looted away to nothing.

The migrants crossed the Mexico border into Texas illegally, then said they were seeking asylum, which allows them to legally stay in the US while their cases wind through the courts.

“Asylum” is a magic word that allows them to enter the country illegally and stay indefinitely, although very few are granted official asylum, even by the irresponsible moonbats who run our courts.

It isn’t only phones and healthcare they are getting for free as an inducement to encourage more to follow them:

The city Department of Homeless Services on Friday asked Big Apple hotels to help find 5,000 rooms to house newcomers — on top of a previous request of 600.

As we have seen, the accommodations will be top notch.

Illegal aliens in NYC have also enjoyed generous cash payments. They will be allowed to vote, so they can secure ever more lavish benefits in return for spitting on our sovereignty and displacing us.

This is the Land of the Free, all right. Everything is free. Unless you are American and work for a living. Then you get to pay through the nose, not just for what you have, but for what the rest of the world wants to have at your expense.

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