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Dec 17 2020

ESPN’s Domonique Foxworth Denounces Old Glory

Was it an exaggeration to say that if the Confederate flag can be made illegal in New York, Old Glory herself may be designated a hate symbol? Unfortunately, no. ESPN — the tip of the spear for leftist propaganda on television — has already designated the American flag as politically unclean.

ESPN host Domonique Foxworth made our flag’s status clear while denouncing Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen:

“I would be 100 percent lying if I said that when Josh does something dumb, a little part of me doesn’t get happy. … It’s because the people who are telling me that Josh is the Second Coming, and Josh is better than everybody are people with American flags and dogs and skull and crossbones.”

The leftist sports media establishment has spoken: the American flag is the equivalent of the Jolly Roger. Dogs too are politically suspect, but maybe dogs named “Barack” are okay.

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