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Aug 16 2022

EV Prices Go Up by Same Amount as Subsidies

It should be obvious to a child that the insolently misnamed Inflation Reduction Act will drive inflation even higher. It entails hundreds of $billions in wasteful government spending, which is what caused the inflation crisis in the first place. Moving from the general to the specific, the crony capitalists at Government Motors and Ford are raising the prices of their electric vehicles by the same amount as the new subsidies:

Citing “significant material cost increases and other factors,” Ford’s announcement revealed price hikes between $6,000 and $8,500 for its electric vehicles. The F-150 Lightning Pro, for example, will sell for $46,974 — a $7,000 increase from the $39,947 charged for last year’s model. GM likewise increased the cost of its electric Hummer by $6,250 last month.

An electric Hummer. If AR-15s were made by liberals, they would fire soybeans.

The price hikes are comparable to the $7,500 tax credits for new electric vehicles included in the $740 billion Inflation Reduction Act, which currently awaits President Joe Biden’s signature.

Out of contempt for our intelligence, we are told that being forced to subsidize rich liberals’ frivolous virtue-signaling moonbatmobiles will improve the allegedly problematic weather. Even if the foolish EVs were powered by nuclear energy rather than coal, this would be preposterous. Comparably absurd is the notion that hideous eagle-killing wind turbines will ever keep a significant number of electric cars running.

We have seen this means of inflating prices before. Democrats have used lavish subsidies to drive the cost of a college education into the stratosphere, even as its value has plummeted. Having caused the problem of unaffordable tuition, they propose a solution: “free” college for everyone.

No doubt Biden, Pelosi, et al. will soon demand that we pay through inflation for free electric vehicles for everyone. There would be zero impact on the climate, but the economy would collapse — which unless these people are even more foolish than they seem must be the ultimate objective.

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